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Ping Pong Tables Buyer’s Guide

Who doesn’t love to play ping pong? It is one of the most loved sports among kids, teenagers as well as adults. They not only love to play it indoors but also outdoors to have the ultimate bliss of happiness. 

Looking for the best ping pong tables? If yes, you are in the right place. We have curated this comprehensive guide to help you make the right choice in no time.

Best indoor Ping Pong Tables

Want to play ping pong indoors? Well, we have created this list with the best indoor ping pong tables that will definitely make your day!

Joola Motion 18

Joola Motion 18 is one of the top ping pong tables that you can purchase to play your ping pong matches at home in your convenient space. Joola’s ping pong tables are known for their lightweight structure and portability. 

Moreover, you need not worry about assembling the entire structure because the manufacturers assemble most of the pieces for you to face no trouble and can play effortlessly. It has a broad playing surface that provides you with an enhanced playing experience.

The net and post set is made using high-quality materials. So, you can play thousands of matches in this indoor table tennis essential before replacing the net. This table’s height is mid-level, enabling players of every stature to play conveniently without experiencing any issue. 


  • This table has a surface thickness of 18mm that has a charcoal color on it.
  • The legs fold automatically, and the two halves have four casters each.
  • This table’s rubber feet are adjustable so that you can adjust the table’s height to your level.
  • There is an anti-tilt device in this table that enables you to play without any hassle.
  • The components are pre-assembled for your convenience.
  • You can fold this table into its storage or playback position.

Joola Tour 2500

Out of all the ping pong tables on the market, Joola Tour 2500 has a different story to tell. With its attention-grabbing blue color and incredible durability, Joola’s professional-grade table tennis table is made with high-quality materials that provide you with the best playing experience.

Joola produces some of the fantastic indoor ping pong tables, and its efforts and quality commitments are evident from this model. This table tennis table can endure wear and tear and lasts very long. If you are a professional player, it is the one for you.

Moreover, many new changes have been introduced to this model, making this ping pong table more alluring. This outdoor table has everything that you want to showcase your professional gameplay and win more recognition.

Even though it is a highly rated table tennis table manufactured by Joola, it comes at an affordable price so that everyone can have access to it.


  • A 50mm metallic frame surrounds the ping pong table.
  • Most of the pieces are pre-assembled so that you can complete the rest effortlessly.
  • The playing surface of Joola Tour 2500 is 25mm thick and has a wide playing area.
  • The Joola Tour 2500 table tennis table offers a ball bounce of tournament-grade so that you get an enhanced experience of gameplay.
  • The revised model of this professional-grade table includes four-inch-thick black wheels.
  • The net set can be clamped whenever you start your match. The net set is made using high-quality materials. 

Joola Inside 25

This table tennis table by Joola is similar to the previous 2500 model, but there is a slight difference here when design and aesthetics are considered. Joola manufactures some of the best ping pong tables that are used in almost all the tournaments worldwide.

Be it the Olympics or World Championships. Every sports person prefers playing table tennis on the table tennis tables manufactured by this renowned company. 

This Joola Inside 25 indoor ping pong table is very sturdy and enables you to play every game level on it in a hassle-free manner.

You can play your table tennis matches conveniently at your home, in your office, recreational centers, etc., with this indoor ping pong table. You can set it up effortlessly in no time, as most parts are assembled before shipment. 

The net and post set of Joola Inside 25 is made from durable materials that are ideal for table tennis competitions. The professional-grade structure provides this ping pong table with an edge over others of a similar kind. It is made for heavy-duty indoor usage and offers consistent ball bounce.


  • This indoor table has two halves that enable it for easy storage, easy to move, portability, etc.
  • Joola Inside 25 has a 25mm thick table-top, which makes playing ping pong even more fun and convenient.
  • The four-inch-thick black wheels and four casters make it much more appealing.
  • There are no ping pong paddles included in this model.
  • The table-top is made in a way to offer consistent bounce.
  • This high-quality ping pong table has a net and post set made from heavy-duty materials for incredible durability.

STIGA Advantage Pro

Another one of the best Indoor ping pong tables is here by STIGA. Out of all the table tennis tables on the market, STIGA’s indoor tables are the ones that feature an out of the box design with incredible additions.

The table-top is surrounded by a steel frame that is highly durable and is necessary for safe gameplay. Since the manufacturer almost entirely assembles it, once you get it, you can set it up in just 10 minutes and start playing ping pong on it.

It is the best indoor ping pong table because it has incredible features that cannot be found on other models. The playing surface of the STIGA Advantage indoor table offers consistent ball bounce and a smooth game. 

The table surface is painted, and then UV treated to give it a smooth finish that allures the eyes. STIGA advantage produced the best table which you can use indoors to satisfy your table tennis cravings. 


  • STIGA Advantages’ indoor ping pong table comes with a steel frame and safety latch system.
  • It is the best indoor table in orientation as it can be folded into the storage position, play position, or playback position effortlessly.
  • The net and post set on this table tennis table is made of tournament-grade materials and can be removed anytime.
  • The table thickness is ⅝ inch, and the table-top has silk-screen stripping.
  • This STIGA Advantage indoor table tennis table has three casters that can be locked, and the halves make it easy to move and store.
  • The table surface of this STIGA Advantage indoor table has a slate blue color that makes it more appealing.

Joola Tour 1800

The next table on our list based on the ping pong table reviews is Joola Tour 1800, another great product manufactured by this company. Finding any other table that is as versatile as this one at an affordable price is nearly impossible. 

The playing surface is painted multiple times so that the friction caused doesn’t result in chipping, and your consistency is not compromised. The structure is 95% assembled by the manufacturer, which means that you only have to set up the rest of it, estimated to take only 15 minutes.

The table’s halves come with an individual set of trundles so that it becomes convenient for you to fold the tables along with the trundle system before storing them. The transition is pretty simple from the playing mode to the storing position.


  • The thickness of the top is 18mm, and it is painted multiple times for intense gameplay.
  • The steel frame surrounding the table is highly durable and 40mm thick.
  • It can be conveniently stored anywhere and is portable.
  • It is one of the best indoor tables that enables you to play under a roof with utmost comfort.
  • The net and post can be set according to your convenience and are sturdy.

Butterfly Centerfold 25

Used for most International Table tennis tournaments held worldwide, Butterfly’s professional-grade table tennis tables are one of their kind. One of the best tables on the market, this table has everything that a table tennis professional needs.

Be it the ball bounce, sturdy clamps for the net, a smooth surface, or safety. This outdoor ping pong offers you everything. It has been designed keeping in view the players’ needs and the game’s demands.

The playing surface of this outdoor table is scratch-proof, which makes it more worthy and long-lasting. It can be adjusted to your preferred level to provide you comfortable gameplay. It is the best ping pong table for tournaments and is also approved by ITTF. 

Moreover, the steel frame that surrounds the entire outdoor table tennis table provides it durability and safety. It is a high-quality table that won’t ever disappoint you in any way.


  • This ping pong table is suitable for outdoor use, primarily in tournaments.
  • The one-inch thick table-top provides good ball bounce and required comfort while playing table tennis.
  • It is the best outdoor table in terms of its design as it is an ideal one for professional table tennis players.
  • This high-quality table comes with a five years warranty.
  • This ping pong table is the centerfold model with 5-inch thick rubber wheels that are lockable.
  • The Europa Net Set makes it more attractive and tournament ready.

Best outdoor Ping Pong Tables

Want to play ping pong outdoors? Check out these given outdoor ping pong tables to let you experience the joy of enjoying outside!

Joola Motion Outdoor

According to the best ping pong table reviews, we have picked up another perfect ping pong table for you manufactured by Joola. With a broad playing surface and powder-coated steel legs, this ping pong table pays off all your investment.

It yields better performance and is resistant to all types of damage that adverse weather can do. Thus, you can showcase your intense gameplay both indoors and outdoors with this versatile Ping Pong table. 

You can effortlessly put it in the playback position, play position, or storing position because it can be folded from the center. You can assemble the entire structure in just 15 minutes and start your game without further delay.


  • The playing surface is 6mm thick and provides consistent gameplay. 
  • It is effortless to install and assemble. The waterproof net set adds to its beauty and durability.
  • The three-inch-wide casters provide convenience, stability, and mobility.
  • You can fold it into the playback mode and use it for solo practices.
  • It has anti-tilting devices in it that provide the required stability and prevent the table from tilting while playing. 

Joola Berkshire

A table tennis table need not always look like one. Sometimes it can be used for multiple purposes too. Are you looking for a table that can be used in the office or home for a rectangular table conference and later can be turned into a ping pong table?

If you are looking forward to an out of the box table tennis table, we have that extraordinary model for you. Don’t believe us? Check it out yourself! The Joola Berkshire table tennis table is the best ping pong table that can be used for multiple purposes.

Take off the net and post set and turn your table tennis battlefield into your elegant dining table or a conference table. Besides, you can use this versatile ping pong table both indoor-outdoor without much trouble.

This indoor-outdoor ping pong table has a concrete table top finished with an oak wood feel and look. It is the best table tennis table with all the extraordinary features that will allure you more than any other table tennis table.


  • One of the best table tennis tables on the market, Joola Berkshire has a classy modern appearance with a concrete table top incorporated for incredible durability.
  • This table tennis table is designed to balance your work and play equally.
  • The net and post set of this indoor-outdoor table is made using steel that provides it a modern appearance with increased durability.
  • The steel legs are powder-coated, have no wheels, and are crisscrossed for better balance and stability.
  • If you want to play table tennis at your home or even somewhere else under the sun without purchasing a dedicated ping pong table for your game, this handcrafted table comes with a rustic vibe that is the best for you.

Stiga XTR Series Table Tennis Table

Another best ping pong table suitable for indoor-outdoor use is the STIGA XTR series table tennis table. If you want to play your game outdoors or indoor, you can always rely on this indoor and outdoor table tennis table.

You don’t have to assemble it entirely because the manufacturer makes it much convenient for you by assembling the significant components beforehand. It enables you to start your game quickly without any unnecessary hassle.

The most significant aspect of this indoor and outdoor table tennis table is that it can endure all the weather conditions so that you can play ping pong at any time and anywhere outdoors. With incredible weather performance and a convenient design, this high-quality table makes it on our list.

This ping pong table is the best outdoor table that enables you to bring out the best player inside you. It is designed to suit every aesthetic and location and hence is opted by many. 


  • STIGA XTR table tennis table is one of the best outdoor- indoor tables that can endure all weather conditions to yield better performance.
  • The table-top is surrounded by an aluminum frame that offers durability and safety.
  • You need not spend much time assembling this ping pong table to start your game.
  • This table tennis table can be easily stored and folded into the playback position. 

Joola Nova Outdoor Table Tennis table

Unlike other Joola ping pong tables, Joola Nova has many other incredible features to offer you. It is a new ping pong table in the market that has left behind many conventional designs and gaining popularity each day.

This outdoor table is an apt choice for those who love playing out in nature. If you are a great fan of ping pong and are searching for a suitable ping pong table, make sure you check out this king of outdoor tables.

Joola Nova is a high-end quality table with an ideal table surface for consistent bouncing of the ball and effortless gameplay. The Aluminum frame surrounding the playing surface adds to its beauty and performance.

It is one of the best outdoor ping pong tables that defies all weather conditions to let you play your favorite game with ease and comfort. Moreover, with its two-piece design, you can play the game alone by folding the table into the playback mode and later unfolding it for a match.


  • Joola Nova outdoor ping pong tables have extra-large casters that are 6 inch thick for easy movement irrespective of the terrain type.
  • You can use this outdoor table tennis table in any weather without worrying about any damage.
  • The leg levelers present on this outdoor ping pong table can be adjusted to match your convenience.
  • This outdoor table tennis table has safety latches that prevent tilting and make transportation much more straightforward.
  • The entire structure of this ping pong table gets assembled in just 10 minutes, and it becomes tournament ready.
  • This outdoor table is foldable, thus making it easy to store.

Joola Outdoor Aluminum

Are you looking for outdoor tables that don’t develop chips or wear out too quickly? If that is your concern, make sure you check this product asap. Joola Outdoor Aluminum outdoor tables are made with top-notch, durable materials that ensure longer table lives.

This ping pong table’s playing surface is made of Aluminum and plastic composite that imparts the desired texture, makes the surface suitable for intense gameplay, and prevents chipping.

The surface thickness is 6mm, suitable for better ball bouncing integral for a ping pong game. You can use this outdoor ping pong table on any surface irrespective of its evenness because the adjustable levelers provide it with the required stability.


  • This table tennis table is manufactured using the best materials that are ideal for ping pong tournaments. 
  • The playing surface, including the net and posts, etc., are all weather-proof making this ping pong table an ideal one for all ping pong lovers. 
  • The steel legs are powder coated to keep them safe from rusting and continue providing the same stability and support.
  • The adjustable levelers make it easier for you to play your game on any type of terrain.
  • This table is a space saver and can be stored conveniently.
  • It is foldable, and you can effortlessly fold one side in the playback mode for solo ping pong practices.

Stiga vs Joola: What’s the Best Brand?

Joola Overview

Joola Inside is a German-based company that manufactures excellent tables. The variants are easy to install and provide a superb bounce feel under an affordable price range.

The galvanized steel legs elevate the durability of the whole setup and provide adequate support to the top.

Stiga Overview

Stiga is a Swedish company that fabricates different sporting gear and deals in excellent table tennis tables. The models are highly portable and require very little time to assemble. You can put the whole setup ready to play within 10 minutes.

The tables are optimum for casual play and come with playback mode. The mode allows you to practice by yourself and hone your skills.

Both the companies have decent tables that are durable, easy to assemble and provide consistent bounce over the top.

Best Mini Ping Pong Tables

Your kids love to play table tennis, but you are short on space and budget. Don’t worry. Mini table tennis tables are here to the rescue.

The benefits of mini tables:

–Short height

The tables are relatively shorter in height than the regular ones, so they are suitable for kids to have fun with their friends.


The table comes in an affordable range that will fit your budget.

–Space efficient

The tables cover less area, so you don’t have to worry about the area it covers. When it is out of use, you can easily store it anywhere in your house.

To help you get the high-quality options, we have discussed some of the best mini ping pong tables below:

Butterfly junior

Looking for a space saver, compact ping pong table that fits the space? Butterfly Junior is the best ping pong table for small game rooms. This contemporary of a full-size table is the best choice for those who have kids who love playing table tennis and unfortunately have no large spaces. 

The table and the legs are foldable so that you can store this marvelous ping pong table conveniently in a compact space. The wheels are placed at the center so that you can move the table to any place you want to without facing trouble.

The table thickness is 12mm, and a steel frame surrounds it from all sides to provide the required durability. Moreover, the corners are painted in a magenta color to cut the monotonous color and add a dash of color. You need not assemble it because the manufacturer assembles the entire structure before shipping.


  • This table is the perfect choice for those who cannot accommodate a full-size table.
  • It can be effortlessly folded and stored in a compact space.
  • The manufacturer provides a three-year warranty on this model.
  • The playing surface and height of this ping pong table are perfect for children who love playing this game.

Killerspin Impact mini Deep Chocolate

For a stylish yet elegant table tennis table that suits your game rooms’ aesthetics and fits well, Killerspins’ Impact Choc tables are the best choice. Every component of these tables has been paid attention to so that your experience of playing the game is enhanced.

It yields high performance and is one of the best indoor tables that many opt to play an intense game like table tennis that demands precision and consistency. These tables are made from durable materials so that the table is around you for very long without getting damaged.

No matter how much table tennis skills you have, these ping pong tables will make sure that you give your best in it and feel comfortable while playing. The tables are very sophisticated and don’t resemble the ping pong tables until the net and posts are attached.

You only need to receive this package, unwrap the packaging, unfold the table and start your gameplay. It is as simple as that!


  • These tables by Killerspin come with a one year warranty period.
  • The posts are built-in, while the nets have to be added to give it that traditional look.
  • The structure is built using galvanized steel and has steel legs that provide stability and support.
  • The tables are UV coated and resistant to wear and tear.
  •  The tables have a folding frame type that makes them easy to move and store.

STIGA Midi Table

With a classy black color and elegant appearance, STIGA’s Midi table has everything that you need at an affordable price. The foldable table with each half having its trundles is incredible for those who love games like ping pong and often indulge in it.

It is durable and resistant to wear and tear, making it a perfect addition for school, work, and home. Even kids can show their ping pong skills on this table with much ease. The transition from the play position to the storing position is a breeze and takes no time.

It has no wheels and hence has to be folded and transported to another place. It is an indoor table with an ecstatic decor that matches every aesthetic and blend well at every location. Now, you need not compromise your game to bring home a stylish ping pong table. 

This midi table provides you with both style and comfort for your intense gameplay. If you are looking for the best ping pong table, don’t miss the opportunity to buy this masterpiece.


  • This table is middle-sized, thus making it convenient for a comfortable match.
  • It is effortless to fold and store.
  • The top is made of fibreboard and is very durable, and provides consistency.
  • You can use it at your home, work, or school because it is the perfect indoor table.
  • The thickness of the surface is 12mm, and it is black.
  • This model comes with a one year warranty period.
  • Assembling the parts is not required. You only need to unpack it and start playing.

Indoor vs Outdoor ping pong tables

We have discussed everything about Indoor and outdoor table tennis tables with a complete difference guide below!

Indoor tables

If you are not looking to buy a table just for outdoor use, then you should opt for an indoor table. Table tennis is an indoor sport. This is because the ball is light in weight, and weather conditions like winds, rain can affect the outcome of the game.

Outdoor tables

Everyone likes to play an outdoor sport, so the table tennis game evolved and came up with outdoor table tennis. The table is superior in terms of durability and has a high threshold against the weather conditions.

The main drawback is the game results are susceptible to environmental elements like wind, rain, etc. So, most of the competitions are played indoors. However, if you are playing to have fun, you can enjoy the game in the outdoor environment with a suitable table.

Indoor and Outdoor Differences

Check out all the differences in detail below:

Base material

The prime difference between both variants is the construction material of the top of the table. The top sheet is made of solid wood in case of indoor variant whereas, the outdoor tables incorporate a sheet made by a mixture of wood and metal. 

In an outdoor environment, the tables have to stand against several harsh elements like rain, UV rays, etc. So, the top should have a high threshold against these elements and stand against them for a long time.

The blend of wood and metal serves the purpose perfectly.

Bounce difference

In the case of outdoor tables, the top is fabricated from a mixture of wood and metal which consumes a little bit of energy every time the ball bounces on it. With indoor tables, the bounce feel is different as the top is fabricated from solid wood.

However, if you are not a professional you will hardly feel any difference. 

Durable Top 

Outdoor tables have more durable tops than the indoor ones. They have to stand against harsh environmental elements.


The extra durability of the outdoor tables elevates the cost of the whole table. So, they come with a higher price tag than the indoor ones.

What is the best thickness for a ping pong table?

The thickness of the table is a vital aspect while selecting an appropriate one. Professional players focus on thickness rather than any other factor. Even the slightest difference in the thickness can make a drastic difference in the bounce of the ball.

The rule goes by that the thicker the table, the better the bounce it will provide. The thickness range of tables lies between 12mm to 25 mm. However, the minimum thickness to play the game as it is meant to be is 19 mm. As you go with higher thickness, you will get a better bounce over the top of the table.

Let us discuss the whole range.


The top is relatively thin, and you will not get a consistent bounce over the top. Do not waste your money on these tables


If you are tight on your budget, then you can opt for this thickness and have fun playing the game with your loved ones.


You will get a fair bounce over the top of the table. Ameture players can hone their skills.


The thickness offers a decent bounce over the top. Most of the clubs go for this thickness while selecting a table.


These tables offer the best bounce and comply with the professional playing standards.

Extra option: Pool Table Conversion Top

If you don’t have the space to accommodate a table tennis table at your place, try the conversion tops and covert any pool table or pool-sized table to a ping pong table in a jiffy.

The tops have foam padding at the bottom that protects the top of your pool table or any other table you are using for the conversion process.

The conversion process takes a minute. All you need is to place the conversion top on the table, and Voila! you have a decent setup to enjoy table tennis with your family and friends. The setup is highly potable, saves a lot of space, and can be stored easily.

Two options given below are used quite frequently:

Butterfly Pool Conversion Top

This amazing table is easy to fit on your favorite pool table. You will never feel that your experience is being hampered as this table gets fit on your table with a full-size 9” x 5”. Coming with an extensive Butterfly Clip Net Set, this conversion top has a thickness of 19mm and has a metal rail support. 

The top’s underside has a foam backing that lets you shield the pool table’s surface. Holding a warranty of 3 years and an additional warranty as per standard manufacturer policies, this fully assembled conversion top is thus, one of the best tops to help you get the utmost pleasure while playing this sport.


  • Inclusion of a Butterfly Clip Net Set
  • Easy to set up and install
  • 19mm thick top along with metal rail support
  • Foam backing to guard the table’s surface
  • Availability of 3 years of warranty

Martin Kilpatrick Ping Pong Table for Billiard Table

You can add this amazing ping pong table top that comes in 3 different colors namely, blue, grey and green. This conversion top is perfect for your billiard table owing to its Dovetail connecting system for ample stability. 

Moreover, the exceptional quality of this table with a thick 19mm top will enhance the bouncing of the ball to the next level. Renowned for its adhesive foam pads and metal rails for extra protection, this top is well-suited for avoiding scratches on the table’s surface. The best part is its 3 years warranty and inclusion of a net set that speaks about its top-notch quality. 


  • Thick 19mm top with Dovetail connecting system
  • 3 color variants to provide users with more flexibility
  • Offers high ease of installation
  • Availability of a Net Set
  • The added advantage of metal rails and adhesive foam pads
  • Availability of 3 years warranty

Let’s Play Table Tennis!

Now that you are well-aware of all the types of ping pong tables as well as the best-rated products in all types, it is time to make the right decision and select the apt table at your convenience.

Don’t forget to keep an eye on your budget beforehand and then, pick the one that caters to your needs in the best way! We are sure our guide will help you opt for the right table in no time!