JOOLA Tour 2500 Review

If you are thinking of improving your techniques in table tennis, then you will need a well-groomed table. From my personal experience, the Joola Tour 2500 is all you expect when it comes to durability, flexibility, and good finishing. It also exhibits in the famous Ellen show and is undoubtedly the best.

Let’s dig in deeper to learn more about the Joola Tour 2500 and my personal experiences related to it.

Joola Tour 2500 Review 

Assembly Process

How much time and effort will be needed in fastening the caster legs to the frame? Well, in your Joola Tour 2500, you have to just perform these things, and you will have your table ready. A little sliding and tightening of nut bolts, and you have it all.

I needed two folks to arrange this whole setup. It is quite heavy to lift. It is the only issue I faced while assembling. Otherwise, it’s an effortless task.

Joola Tour 2500 Construction

The Joola Tour 2500 weighs 235 pounds, which makes it less bulky compared to others. The frame is made of steel, and this table is two-by-two inches, supported by the robust undercarriage of the same dimensions to the frame. 

The Joola Tour 2500

The top of the Joola Tour 2500 consists of MDF sheet width of 25 mm. The coating on the sheet is of polyurethane paint. A polyurethane coating makes the surface free from chipping and scratching, making the top of the table ideal for playing a professional game. Moreover, it elevates the life of the whole setup.

The 25 mm thickness top surface gives a professional feel for the bounce of the ball. If you want to play the game professionally at your place, then this table is an excellent choice to opt for.

The interesting features of this table construction include the flexible folding of the table into two counterparts, which makes it compact and durable. The two standalone components come with their own trundle system, which elevates the portability and ease of transportation.

According to my standpoint, the table construction is exceptionally decent. The undercarriage system also incorporates in-built lockable casters, which allows the table to roll over the surfaces smoothly.

The smooth surface and the 51mm × 51mm of robust undercarriage supporting the whole steel frame are quite spectacular and well constructed.


The table can be easily stored without going through any unnecessary hassle. You can fold the table in a way that both the individual halves stick together. In this way, you can accommodate the whole setup in a small area, making it quite a space-efficient option.

Net system

I received the competition-grade net set along with a stable post. The net attachment process is very straightforward. The Adjustable Joola Motion 25 post has a mechanism that allows you to level the net in a few seconds.

The table is quite heavy, so shifting it can be tiresome but believe me, adjusting the net is very easy.

Safety features

The table’s safety features are undoubtedly the best for all ages. You can easily assemble this family-friendly ping pong table.

Easy screw locks and nut bolt fixing make it safe and secure to attach and detach the table. However, it is a little bit heavy but still easy to allocate due to the 3-inch lockable casters for smooth rolling of the table.

You can pack and unpack the table handily. It is also easy to keep and store, with storage dimensions of 24 and a half inches × 62 and one-fourth inches × 64 inches.

Believe me, it is safe to move and play. Your kids will love playing in this piece. The steel frame is supported by a secure and robust undercarriage, so no need to be worried about any structure dysfunction.

Playback mode 

 It could be very annoying when there is no one to play with you. This table offers solo play mode compatibility, which makes it ten times more effective.

When I don’t have anyone to play with, I practice the game by myself. It is relatively easy and useful as I have to fold one side of the table and align it vertically to the other half. The 90-degree alignment will help you to playback and forth.

Tour 2500 Wheel construction


The company provides you with a one-year warranty on factory defects. Additional aid on the warranty is also given to resolve any issue related to product deformity. 

It’s been a year, and I haven’t had any issues related to it. There is no defect in the casters or the top surface of the table. Rollers roll smoothly over the surfaces, and locks hold the table in the desired position.

Final Verdict 

I will highly recommend the Joola Tour 2500 as it is straightforward to fix, store, and control. It has its own aura that makes it unique and attractive. This multi-characteristic table is designed to serve all the needs of the ping pong game.

Purchasing this table is indeed a good deal.

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